What is the AUGBM?


The AUGBM is a registered Christian organization, created on 21 February 2002 which aims are to "help financially, materially and spiritually the UGBM.".

To meet that aim, the organization tries to make the UGBM projects known so that the friends of UGBM based in Europe can help and support them in prayer and through financial contributions. Because of its smallness, the AUGBM has decided to support only one project at a time. This way, donors can have a clear vision of where and how the gifts are used.

The AUGBM regularly publishes a newsletter in order to inform the people who have shown an interest in its activities and who wish to be kept informed of our Malagasy brothers and sisters' situation. We see in this newsletter, a "tool of prayer". We indeed are convinced that prayer is the core of our action and that without prayer, all our efforts would be vain.